Version 4.16 July 2022

We at Apty are constantly working to improve the experience of our customers, and the 4.16 version is now available with the latest changes.


What's New in Apty Admin?

Apty Client Version

Admins can now control the Client version they want to run globally for their end-users as well as locally on their systems. 

Based on the installation mode of the application (extension mode or injected mode), the UI for the Client Version feature will appear differently. Learn more about Apty Client Version. 

For extension mode

For injected mode

Knowledge Center Analytics

To view Knowledge Center Analytics: 
Admin Console > Select Application>Apty Usage > Knowledge Center

Apty Admin Console now features Knowledge Centre Analytics. Admins can view or analyze the following analytics data captured from the end-user engagement with Knowledge Centre items. 

Users Graph

Displays the number of unique users that have used the Knowledge Center items from Apty Widget. When hovered over any point on the graph a tooltip appears which shows the count of unique users for that particular date.

Content Chart

Displays the content type and its respective count in the Knowledge Center items irrespective of the publishing status. When hovered over any point on the chart a tooltip appears which shows the content type and respective count for that particular Knowledge Center item.

Usage Graph

Displays statistical data of user engagement where admins can configure the time format of the horizontal X-axis by selecting whether the graph line should show details for Days, Weeks, or Months. If more than one User Segment has been included in filtering options at the top right corner of the screen, the graph displays several lines each having a dedicated color specified at the bottom of the graph in the legend area. To hide a line from the graph, click its name on the Legend. If the line name in the Legend area is dimmed out, it is hidden from the graph. When hovered over any point on the graph, a tooltip appears that displays total usage and segment-wise usage of the Knowledge Center items for that particular date.

Knowledge Center Overview

Displays the list of top viewed Knowledge Center items, their type, view count, and last updated date.

NOTE: The Knowledge Center screen will display the above data based on selected filters

Customization of toolsets icon color for Apty Widget

PATH: Admin Console > Select Application>Customization>Themes

Admins can now customize the icon color for toolsets inside the widget by choosing the required color from the color palette against icon color under themes of customization inside the Apty Admin Console. 

Segment by Country

Earlier Apty provided admins with the option to add segments by timezone. But there are countries with more than a single timezone. This is where segment by country comes into play. Now, 

  • admins can add a segment that includes a country
  • admins can add a segment that excludes a country
  • admins can add a segment that includes a list of countries
  • admins can add a segment that excludes a list of countries

For a Client (Player/Widget) on a hosted application, 

  1. Apty collects the timezone data
  2. Finds the country to which the timezone belongs
  3. Checks if there is any segment that includes or excludes the country
  4. Connects the Client (Widget/Player) to the respective segment 
  5. Displays instructional content linked with that segment

What's New in Apty Studio?

Select Segments from Apty Studio

Earlier, admins could add toolsets to segments from the Admin Console. But now Admins can add Segments to toolsets (including Workflow, Validations, Tooltips, Launchers, and Announcements) from Apty Studio itself while creating or updating the toolset.

For this Apty has introduced a new section named Segments inside Apty Studio. Admins can use the Select Segments dropdown to select segments as per requirement for the respective toolset. 

The following pictures depict how selecting segments works on Workflows. You can find the same segments section in other toolsets (Validations, Tooltips, Launchers, and Announcements) and use them accordingly.

NOTE: In order to access Knowledge Center items from Announcements and Launchers, admins must add Knowledge Centre items to segments and publish Knowledge Centre items from Apty Admin Console while creating Announcements and Launchers.

Other Improvements

Improved Workflow Failure Mail

Apty has improved the workflow failure mail which now includes the application name, environment, workflow name, step name, author, and failure count. Whenever a workflow failure occurs, a new row will be added in the Workflow Failure Mail, which indicates where the failure has occurred. 

For example, the first row of the following table indicates that workflow failure has occurred twice while executing the login step of the advance_copy workflow from the production environment of the CAPPM application. 

Note: The workflow failure mail received today contains the previous day's failure list.

Improved 30 days filter for Apty Usage Dashboard

Previously 30 days filter for Apty Usage analytics was used to showcase analytics for the last 30 days excluding the current date, but now admins and solution engineers can view the current-day analytics while selecting the 30 days filter.

Improved Apty Widget (Player) UI

Apty has now improved the Widget UI. There can be two mouseover interactions for items inside a toolset.

  • When the end-user expands a toolset that contains a set of other toolsets (list items) then that parent toolset is considered to be in the active state. 
  • When the end-user simply hovers over an item inside the widget.

End-users will see a subtle style change for active-state items as well as by hovering over items inside the widget.  

Improved Announcement Image 

The Fullscreen (Fit Image) editing option now provides admins with better control over the announcement image.  

Admins can find information related to supported image type and size while uploading the image. Apty now improved the overall announcement responsiveness for different screen sizes.

Able to change the position of the image when Fit Image editing option is enabled
Able to scroll content when Fit Image editing option is disabled
Image file type warning
Image file size warning 

Configurable Timezone for Usage Analytics

Apty's usage analytics can now be filtered based on configurable time zone; for this, a new feature flag is implemented which when enabled filters the usage data based on the global timezone.

Admins can contact the Customer Success team for more information regarding the feature flag.

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