Version 4.15 April 2022

Apty version 4.15 is now available with the latest enhancements and changes. This time you will see improvements in Apty Admin Console and Apty Studio.  


Apty Chrome Extension for Manifest V3

Apty now supports the Chrome extension for Manifest v3. According to the Manifest V2 support timeline, Chrome will stop running Manifest V2 extensions from January 2023. Apty encourages its customers to upgrade and migrate to Manifest V3 as soon as possible. Learn more about Manifest V3

What's New in Apty Admin Console?

Environment Setup is more flexible with RegExp and Manifest URLs  

PATH: Log in to Apty Admin > Select the application > Manage Application > Environment Setup > Extensions > Manifest URLs 

Apty now supports RegExp for Environment URLs. It makes the Environment Setup more flexible than ever. 

Additionally, we are introducing a new section under Environment Setup called, Manifest URLs. Apty widget will appear on all URLs that you add to the Manifest URLs box. After adding the URLs, you must go to Downloads under System Settings, rebuild, download the Apty Client Extension zip file, and install the extension again for changes to work. Note that there is no limit on the number of URLs that can be added inside the Manifest URL box. Just make sure you enter a valid URL to avoid errors. Learn more about valid URL patterns from Google Match Patterns

Note that the feature flag must be enabled to use the Manifest URL feature.

Ability to customize Untouched, Success, and Failure icons for Validations.

PATH: Log in to Apty Admin > Select the application > Customization> Themes > Select Theme

Admins can now customize the size, icon, and icon fill color of Untouched, Success, and Failure icons for Validations. 

For validations, there are two types of icons available in the UI - the indicator icon and the balloon icon. 

The indicator icon (i) is the visual cue that indicates the existence of a Validation. Before user interaction, the untouched icon appears in the indicator icon placeholder. After user interaction, based on their input, it gets changed to a success or a failure icon. 

Inside the validation balloon, balloon icons appear. They provide visual cues to the Success and Failure information inside the balloon. 

The default size for both the indicator and the balloon icons is set to medium.

What's New in Apty Studio?

Workflow Branching Feature

To add Jump Step:
Login to Apty Studio > Open the workflow which needs to be branched > Go to the workflow step to which jump step to be added > Click on the vertical ellipsis against that workflow step > Click on Add Jump Steps > Under the Jump To section, select the workflow, and the step to which it will be branched > Click on Save to save the changes done.

Earlier admins could configure workflows for end-users to jump or branch within the same workflow. Admins had to use permalinks for end-users to jump from one workflow to another. 

But now admins can configure Jump Steps from one workflow to another, without using permalinks.

 Learn more about this feature.

Search and Filter Feature 

As per the latest 4.15 release, the search and filter feature enables admins to search and filter out items from the existing list of toolsets. This functionality includes the following capabilities:

  • Search bar to search items by name,
  • Filter by the environment,
  • Filter by publishing status,
  • Filter by the author of the item, and 
  • Filter by segments (except for Activity Tracking).

The following pictures depict how the search and the filter options work on Workflow. You can find the search and the filter options in other toolsets (Validations, Tooltips, Launchers, and Announcements) and make use of them accordingly.

Filtering by segments is applicable only for Workflow, Validations, Tooltips, Launchers, and Announcements.

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