Version 4.13 November 2021

Apty version 4.13 is now available with the latest enhancements and changes. This time you will see improvements in all three components of Apty Assist. 


What's new in Apty Widget?

Hide Widget when there is no content

In order to improve the end-user experience, Apty has decided to hide the Widget automatically when there is no content to display inside it. Typically, Apty Widget features four types of content - Workflows, Knowledge Content, Checklists, and Content Aggregation.

In previous versions, we use to show the Widget on the hosted application even when there was no content available. But from now onwards, end-users will see the Widget only if there's at least one content to display, from the above-mentioned types. Otherwise, it will remain hidden.

NOTE: Feature flag must be enabled to use this feature.

What's New in Apty Admin Console?

Drop Rate and Failures will help you understand the cause of Workflow drops

PATH: Select the application from the left panel > Apty Usage > Workflows > Steps Overview dashboard

Now, you will be able to identify the cause of Workflow drops and take action accordingly to improve user engagement. Typically, workflow drops occur for two reasons: 

1. When the user exits without finishing the workflow or

2. When the Widget (the Player) fails to detect the element on the host application, where the workflow step is supposed to appear. 

Previously, the Drop Rate inside the Steps Overview dashboard itself comprised of both types of data. But in order to give you more clarity, we have decided to display both types of data separately in the Steps Overview dashboard. From now onwards, you will see drops due to failures in a separate section called Failures. And drops due to user exits will be under the Drop Rate section. 


Drop Rate: Progress bar representation of the number of times users exit out of the workflow.

%: Percentage of the total number of exits.

Drops: Total number of exits. 

Failures: Total number of failures due to any missing element.

Learn more about Workflows Statistics 

What's New in Apty Studio? 

Element selection is now automated and more robust 

Both element selectors- CSS selector and X-path, can now be identified and added automatically with just one click. 

While editing the workflow from the Studio, you can click on the element you want to select and the selectors will be added automatically, as shown below. This automated process aims to make the Knowledge Content Creators' job easy. Additionally, we have made other minor improvements in the element selection feature to make it more efficient and robust. 

A new advance-on option: Right-click on the element

You can now add the Right-click on the element button as an Advance-on option for your workflows, which means the flow will advance when you use the mouse right-click action. 

Learn how to configure a workflow step 

Other Improvements

  • The English language is now configured as the default language for every application added inside Apty admin.
  • Enhancement is done to convert the frames into regex while selecting the activity in the shadow DOM application. 
  • Improved the icon offset positions of Validations, Tooltips, and Launchers for iframes.
  • Users can now save any newly added application inside the environment setup without any fail.
  • Improved the placeholder view under announcements.
  • Improvement is done for displaying the knowledge and launcher content on the right side when the Arabic language is selected.
  • Improved the player background page to avoid errors in the network tab while reloading the application. 
  • Improvement is done to avoid displaying of save button while clicking on the next button of the workflow in the Apty Studio.
  • Enhancement is brought in to avoid white labeling in the password page and browser tab. 
  • Improved the view of balloon positioning and highlight options while exporting the workflows to Arabic and Dutch languages. 
  • Workflow preview no longer shows the “Exit Full Screen (Esc)” for a video link in a workflow with a floating step. 
  • Improved the workflow feedback feature inside Apty Studio to make sure users get the option to add their feedback when the option is enabled.  
  • Improved the video playback option on the Rich Text Editor in Apty Studio to make sure users can play videos directly from the Rich Text Editor while creating a workflow.
  • Improved the export option for Workflows inside Apty Admin Console to make sure users receive mail every time a workflow is exported in the video format.
  • Adjusted the date format, for deleted to workflow and deleted workflow steps, to follow the MM-DD-YYYY format.
  • Added a minor improvement in Keyboard Shortcuts options inside Customization in Apty Admin Console to make sure users can add the Escape key as a shortcut for Canceling an item. 

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