Version 4.12 October 2021

We at Apty are constantly working to improve the experience of our customers, and the 4.12 version is now available with the latest changes.


What's new in Apty Admin Console?

Display read-only values of Tenant Key and Tenant ID

PATH: At the bottom left corner of the Admin Console screen > Click the User icon > Click on Account Settings > Tenant Details

For easy access, the Admin Console will now display read-only values of Tenant Key and Tenant ID. The same can be found in the Tenant Details section under Account Settings on the Admin Console.

Support for Boolean values and numbers

PATH: Click on the application > Click on the gear icon to go to Manage Current Application > Segmentation > New Segment

User Segmentation now supports Boolean values and numbers. This will be helpful while creating custom user segmentation rules that satisfy Boolean values and numbers.

Restructuring of downloaded workflow excel files

Translated workflows when exported as excel followed "><language_name>.xlsx" format. The exported files are now restructured as "App_name - Workflow_name (lang_code).xslx".

As per the previous versions of Apty, the workflow excel files exported in different languages was separated using sheet within a single excel file, as per latest 4.12 release user can find each of the translated workflows as individual files within a single folder when exported.

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Addition of Previous button to Keyboard Shortcuts

PATH: Admin Console > Select the hosted application > Customization> Keyboard Shortcuts> Toolsets

With the latest update 4.12, an additional customization option to the existing Keyboard Shortcuts is added. Apty has added a new keyboard shortcut called Previous Button. With this button clients or partners can remap/create a shortcut to move to the previous step by defining the combination of Modifier (Alt or Shift or Ctrl)+[key of your choice from A-Z] as per their need.

Click here to know more about Keyboard Shortcuts 

What's new in Apty Studio?

Enhancement for configuring the Announcement image

In the previous versions of Apty, when an image is added to an announcement, clients or partners need to select the image size and image position from the four options available in Apty Studio and they can adjust only the zooming of the image from the toolbar adjacent to the image added in the browser page.

But as per the latest version 4.12, once we add the image to the announcement the control will be passed to the browser page which has a toolbar with which the clients or partners can get multiple options to reframe the image as per their need.

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What's new in Apty Widget?

Draggable Player Feature

For previous versions of Apty, injected widget was not able to be dragged along the screen, as per 4.12 we enabled the draggable feature even for the injected widget.

NOTE: Feature flag must be enabled for this feature.

Other improvements

  • Improved the alignment of the tooltip message from the Auto-scroll to Balloon section.
  • Added a minor improvement to the UI of the Goal Correctness by segment graph to make sure the current date is distinct from the End Date.
  • Added a minor event rule to the Widget view for the end-user, where the Favorite section does not appear if there is no content available only from the Content Aggregation.
  • Improved the PPT exporting option for workflow.
  • Enhanced the view of the Switch Application popup inside Apty Studio to make sure that it is distinct from the ElementSelection dropdown.
  • Improved the Player & Search overview such that there are more than 10 results shown, also the user can view the proper count of actioned items and search columns overview.
  • Optional timeout textbox in Apty Studio is now configured in such a way that they won't allow negative values and alphabets.

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