Version 4.6 March 2021

What's New in the Apty Admin Portal?

Shadow DOM Support for Element Selection

PATH: Admin Console > Select an application from the left side panel > Click  icon in the left side panel > General Settings > Customize > Check/Uncheck ”Enable Shadow DOM Support” checkbox 

In the previous versions, support was provided only to those applications not consisting of shadow DOM feature. With the 4.6 release and further, applications with the shadow DOM feature will also be supported. This new feature essentially adds Automatic Element selection support for the apps/websites that are built using Shadow DOM. This aids in solving any element selection issues faced by the users.

  • Feature flag implementation is not required. 
  • This is a direct implementation to use Element selection on shadow DOM apps. Users only need to install the new extensions. 
  • This feature must be enabled only for apps with Shadow DOM.

 Environment-Wise Analytics

PATH: Admin Console > Select an application from the left side panel > Click “Insights” 

In the previous versions, analytics was being tracked only in the Production environment. With the 4.6 release, a new functionality allowing environment-wise analytics has been implemented, which enables Admins to track the user engagement/activity metrics not just in Production but also in all the other test environments of an application. As the analytics are being tracked for all environments, Admins have the option to filter environments in the Admin Portal, to gain insights into the corresponding environment’s analytics. 

NOTE: Admins must implement the feature flag to enable the option to view environments.


PATH: Admin Console > Click  on the left side panel > Click ”Self Hosted” > Populate CONTENT, JAVASCRIPT, and FONT URL PATH 

The latest feature in 4.6 release helps on-premise clients to host data such as Apty content, JS files, and Font files on their servers through a hybrid on-premise deployment. Admins need to provide the URLs where the Content, JavaScript and Font files will be hosted. After configuring the URLs, the extensions need to be re-built and the new files need to be downloaded from the Apty Admin Portal. 

NOTE: Admins must implement the feature flag, post which the “Self Hosted” tab will be active in the Apty Admin Portal.

What's New in the Apty Widget?

Broken Workflow Recovery

During the execution of a workflow, there might be instances where the element is not found in one of the steps, due to which the workflow is completely aborted with an error message displayed to the user. 

With the latest enhancement, upon encountering this situation, an additional widget pops up with an optional instruction as to what is required in that step. This allows users to enter the required information and continue the workflow without interruption. The widget can be minimized and dragged along the screen as required. 

         Graphical user interface, text, application, chat or text message 
Description automatically generated Graphical user interface, text, application, chat or text message 
Description automatically generated 

NOTE: Admins must implement the feature flag to enable this feature.

Floating Step

The new feature allows users to position the floating balloon in between steps, without being tethered to an element. This function helps in providing any additional information needed while executing the workflow. 


NOTE: Feature Flag must be enabled the floating tab option in the Apty Studio.


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