Version 4.3 September 2020

What's New?

An ability to add custom CSS has been added to the User Interface settings

PATH: Admin Portal > select an application on the left side bar > Customization > User Interface > Advanced

Apty style is now highly adjustable to the UI of the hosting application. Apty Admin offers a window to sophisticated settings of the content look and feel through custom CSS. That said, Apty content can be modified to look like a natural part of the hosting application using the following properties:

  • border radius (independent for each corner)
  • background color
  • accent color
  • links color
  • header typography
  • header color
  • body typography
  • body color
  • buttons border radius
  • dialog margin
  • dialog padding

For more details refer to: Setting up Application User Interface

New Announcement Styling options have been added

In version 4.3 we are offering new features to create Announcements that are impossible to miss! ..Technically, Announcements are designed as the pop-ups for passing crucial information, such as: 

  • Inform Users of upcoming features,
  • Inform Users about the Maintenance and downtime of the application,
  • Remind expiration of licenses of the application,
  • Announce any new achievements applicable to employees or company, etc.

Now, you can deliver this information in a more sophisticated and playful way by using new Announcement styling options. Images of your choice can be added to the Announcement Canvas and can be positioned as the background, at the top, bottom, left or right of the Announcement. In order to do that, start creating a new Announcement or open the existing one in the Apty Studio, check the Announcement with image box and define Image Size and Image Position by testing the options in the Apty Studio.

Once the image is loaded, you can adjust it by moving it on the canvas and zooming it in/out by using the tool above the image.

For more details refer to:  Create an Announcement with Image

Content Scheduling

Any Apty Assist element (Workflows, Tooltips, Validations, Launchers, Announcements, and Knowledge Center items) can be made available to the end users for a certain period of time. 

For example, assuming new functionality of your platform becomes available to your end users Thursday at 00:00, you can automate instructions display to be available simultaneously. 

To activate an elements for a specified time frame, open it in the Apty Studio, check the Display between dates box, define the Timezone if different from local and select From Date and To Date in the respective fields.

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