What is Apty Suite

Since the initial launch of Apty Assist, the product as a whole and its individual components went though multiple changes leading up to a significant evolution: we started out with offering the ability to add generic instructional elements (balloons, tooltips, validations) to web applications and progressed to more complex solutions, such as analyzing efficiency of provided instructions, segmenting content for various user audiences, and creating on-boarding procedures acting as custom mini bootcamps for your software. 

We have been carefully listening to our Clients, their feedback and requirements, which served as an immense source of insights and inspiration for polishing, adjusting, and upgrading Apty Assist tools. This ongoing dialog taught us that we and our Clients pursue the same goal: making end users efficient

But as we were digging deeper and learning to read between the lines of Clients' requests, we also discovered other common concerns: 

  • Are employees using expensive enterprise software following guidelines and best practices?
  • How to measure employee proficiency?
  • Is there a way to track user behavior based on specific use cases, not just sign-ons?
  • How to automate mundane tasks without the loss of employee engagement?

These questions laid the foundation for Apty Assist to grow into Apty Suite, consisting of 3 major components:

Apty Assist

Apty Insights

Apty Automation

Consists of: Assist Studio, Assist Client, and Admin Console.
Consists of: Apty Lens and Admin Console
Consists of: Automation Studio, Automation Client.

To dive in deeper and see what each of the Apty Suite components is capable of, refer to this article.

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