What do end users need to install?

Console is a component that serves for system configuration, publishing content, and accessing data analytics, it functions as a regular web application and can be accessed via the browser page and requires no additional installation. Editor and Player require installation and are essentially targeted at different users groups: administrators and end-users, respectively.

Apty Client (Widget)

Apty Studio

Apty Client is a component which interacts with the hosting web application and embeds guidance content into its web pages. It can be deployed either as a browser extension or as a snippet of code implemented as a part of the hosting application.

Apty Studio is a native application that connects to the browser window and interacts with elements of the opened hosting web application, allowing users to create guidance content, such as step-by-step Workflows, Announcements, Tooltips, input Validations.

Who needs to install it?

To access the guidance content (Workflows, Announcements, Tooltips, Validations, etc.) created with the Apty application, the Client is required.

  • If the Client is deployed as a snippet, there’s nothing the users should do. 
  • If the Client is deployed as a browser extension, then it can be distributed either by your network administrator or manually by each user via an installation link.

Who needs to install it?

Only content editors who create and modify content should install Apty Studio.


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