Managing Segments

Segmentation is one of the important features that allow to categorize users and show content specific to the user. This allows the user to focus on available tasks and reduce the amount of content available in the player menu. Segments can be created from the admin and Items can be assigned to segments based on the requirement.  

The segments of your items get checked as soon as Player loads on a page. Before any items become visible, the segment must be True. If no segment gets connected all the items will appear.

To create a Segment:

PATH:Admin Console > select application > Manage > User Segmentation

Segments can be created from Admin by assigning items that should be visible to the user once the segment is connected.

A segment can be determined by its type. A segment can be any of the three types:

  1. Variable:  
    Variable takes a window variable that will be checked in the window when the page is loaded. Once the variable is found the segment is detected and related items are presented in the player window. At a time more than one segment can be connected and items related to that will be available for use.
  2. URL: 
    URL of the application page or a valid part of the URL can also be used to determine a segment. A valid Regular expression of the URL can also be used.
  3. Custom Script: 
    The custom script will take a script that will perform a required check and will return true or false that will determine a segment’s connection.

Managing Segments:

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