Entry Points and Page Anchors

Entry Points help trigger Workflows from an intermediate step based on the application page where the Workflow was triggered from. 

Page Anchors help in uniquely identifying application pages.

Anchors should be selected so that: 

  • They are independent of Application Data
  • They are not transient, and
  • They are a unique characteristic of that specific page.

 NOTE: Avoid using header or footer elements that are shared across multiple pages.

To access the Workflows option in the Apty Studio:

1.   Login to the the Apty Studio and select the hosting application you plan to work with. The Apty Studio menu opens.

2.   Click on the Workflows icon.

3.   The list of Workflows previously created in the system opens. Green dots next to the Workflow indicate that the Workflow is published. Yellow dots indicate that the Workflow is in Draft mode. NOTE : Workflows can only be edited in the Draft Mode. Select the Workflow you want to proceed with.

4.   The Workflow settings screen opens. Click on the Step which should be marked as an entry point.

5.   Check on "Mark as Entry Point".

6.   Once the Mark as Entry Point Checkbox is checked, the "Add Anchor Points" Option becomes available. Click on the anchor icon to select appropriate Anchors on the page. Try to use at least three anchors to get a good identification strength.

7.   At the bottom of the Studio click Save to commit changes.

Additional Controls:

There are two additional options other than 'Anchor points' option that are provided to choose any screen element as anchor point to identify a page as an entry point.

1. Custom script

2. URI Hash

Why Additional options when an option of automatic selection is provided?

Few customisable applications might consists of dynamic elements on most of the pages that might not be identified with a defined format of selection. Based on the way, the screen elements of the host applications are configured or based on a part of the URI, the additional options must be chosen.

Note: Please contact your CSM for further details on additional options.

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